1. Click on "Highlight" to highlight the code above.
2. Now press and hold CMD (bottom left of your
keyboard) & then press "C" to Copy the code.
(CMD-C) You will hear a click confirming the code
has been copied.
3. Now press "Mail" (top of keyboard), then
"Settings" (on your sidebar), then "Signature"
(on the next page).
4. Now press CMD-V to paste your code. (make sure
only do this one time or you will flood your
signature box).
6. Make sure that the opening code is at
the very top left of your signature box!
7. Press "done" at the bottom of your signature
box page and on the next one as well.
8. Now press "Write" (on your sidebar) to see
your image.

<form name="code">
<textarea name="tag" cols="50" rows="10"
nohighlight autoactivate>The Code will be
highlighted here.
<form name="copy">
<input type="button" name="paste"