2 Hearts

Tears of fire
Blaze & burn from your eyes.

Innocent heart
kicked out into the cold.

Lost....standing split apart like
pieces of raw emotion broken & dusty,
left to start a new journey.

It fled as new hearts,
tried to tap on its shoulder.

Closed up all emotion,
vowing to never let it pour out again.

It once ran freely like a stream,
than completely closed off like a congested dam.

Boulders built around the fury,
Never easing up.

Continuing to frown upon love
ending the belief that "the one" would come.

But there you were
like a ray of light.

Shining down on me
almost blinding my eye sight.

There you were so real,
emotions dictating the real you inside.

From the beginning we have had,
nothing to hide, no walls to put up.

But slowly... two independent
hearts are becoming one.

Hearts that had both been wounded
in the battlefield called love.

That have finally met their
other half that makes them whole.

You complete me
and you have been worth the wait.

The long treacherous journey
of love's that were untrue & false.

Through the oceans of tears
I thought never would see a drought.

I have finally met
my soul mate.

Fate is real and is the only thing
I can point to and define how this
came about between you and I.

I love you within every crevice of my heart,
& I would go through ten more heartbreaks
to know that I would be lead right back to you.