The Dream

If daydreams could come true....
and I could have you

I'd buy a piece of the world
Far removed from the world that we know
And dedicate it to our love
All the animals of nature
Would be there to help us celebrate

Everyday would be summer
The sun would always shine
Only tears of joy would be permitted
There'd be no room for sadness

There'd be green meadows to run
And mountains to climb
Beautiful clear blue rivers to swim
And the gentle breeze would carry with it
the fragrance of you.

Every day would be a reprieve from time
We'd never grow old
The Sun, Moon and Stars would envy our love
We'd build a house of nature
The sky our roof
The mountains would decorate our walls
And the green grass our carpet and bed.

We'd discard our worldly goods
And be as nature intended
Naked and alone except for each other
We'd never be lonely
I'd sing love songs to you
In the quiet evenings
The soft night breeze
Blowing gently through the trees
Would be my orchestra
And the crickets would sing an encore

And every night we'd fall asleep
Cradled in each others arms
And all of nature would
Smile down on us and whisper

Good night my dear friends
And tomorrow....tomorrow
We'll promise you an even better day

And all of this would be ours.....
If daydreams came true
and I could have you