"A Child is blind to prejudice,
But quick to see what's good and true.
Oh, How we need that childlike faith,
In all we say and do!"

"Children are so transparent
You can see....Right....through them."

"How blessed is he whose trespass
Has freely been forgiven
Whose sin is wholey covered
Before the site of heaven."

"Sin Invites Judgement
Confession Ensures Forgiveness."

"Why is this world so full of sin,
So torn by strife and greed.
The answer can be found in us,
A new hearts what we need!"

"We're building up and tearing down,
In everything we do.
Are you on the construction gang,
Or on the wrecking crew?"

"Everyone has a right to their opinion,
But no one has a right
to be wrong about the facts."

"Today pull up the little weeds,
The sinful thoughts subdue.
Or they make take the reins themselves,
And someday master you."

"To Be Ashamed
Is The First Step Towards Forgiveness."

"Most Of Us Know The Difference
Between Right And Wrong,
We Just Don't Want To Admit It."

"Indifference Towards Evil
Is The Greatest Of All Evils."

"If we would love
what's good and right
We must be pure within.
But if we compromise the truth
We lose our sense of sin."

"The faults I see in others lives
Are often true of me.
So help Lord to recognize,
My own hypocrisy."

"If you sows seeds of wickedness,
Sin's harvest you will reap.
But scattered seeds of righteousness,
Yield blessings you can keep."

"Let me not judge my fellowmen,
But understand them Lord, And when
The casting of the stones begins,
Remind me of My many sins."

"The Trouble With A Little Sin,
Is That It Doesn't Stay Little."

"In A World That
Couldn't Care Less
We Are To Be People
Who Couldn't Care More."

"The Sins Of Others
Always Seem Greater
Than Our Own."

"Let me feel ashamed today,
If I am covering sin.
Let me stand on judgement day,
O Lord, without chagrin."

"My sin O Lord, defies Your Word,
It scorns Your Holy name.
I will not make excuse for wrong,
Christ's blood is all I claim."

"God cannot prosper those who try,
To cover sin and wrong deny.
But all who humbly will confess,
The Saviour with His Love will bless."

"O Lord, help me come to You,
When I would rather hide.
Give me the courage to confess,
My failures and my pride."

"To label others with a word,
becomes an easy way.
To miss their struggle with the truth,
And hear just what they say."

"The bounty of God's matchless grace,
Is greater than our vilest deeds.
Yet from the evil that we sow,
Remains a crop of weeds."

"When someone says,
I can discern
Exactly when Christ will return.
Don't be deceived or led astray,
The Lord has said
No one knows the day."

"When someone comes along and says
His message is from God,
What he believes about The Lord,
Will show if it is flawed."

"If we will fear and Love The Lord,
He'll help us do what's right.
To live a life of honesty,
Is pleasing in His sight."

"When sin entices and allures,
It's lies must be ignored.
The strength to gain a victory,
Comes when we trust The Lord."

"We waste our time and hurt our friends,
And cause ourselves great woe,
When we as Christians aim our sights,
Away from our real foe."

"Honesty Means Never Having
To Look Over Your Shoulder."

"If You Are Looking For Faults To Correct
Try Looking In The Mirror."

"Sow Today What You Want To Reap Tomorrow!"

"One Reason For Doing
The Right Thing Today
Is Tomorrow!"

"To Avoid Lying
Do Nothing
That Needs To Be Concealed."

"If You Make An Excuse For Sin
Your Sin Will Not Be Excused."

"Any Calculation
About The Lord's Return
Is A Miscalculation."

"The Truth About Christ
Is The Test Of All Religions."

"You Can Never Conquer Sin
With An Excuse."

"Divide And Conquer
Is A Strategy Of Satan."

"Sin Cannot Flourish
Where Godliness Is Cultivated."