"Life Is What Happens To You
While You Are Making Other Plans."

"We First Make Our Habits
Then Our Habits Make Us."

"Character Is Much Easier Kept
Than Recovered."

"It Is Better To Ask Some Questions
Than To Know All Of The Answers."

"What Is Life
Without The Radiance Of Love?"

"In A Moment Of Decision
The Best Thing You Can Do
Is The Right Thing To Do."
The Worst Thing You Can Do
Is Nothing,"

"Do Not Follow The Path.
Go Where There Is No Path
And Begin The Trail."

"A Sure Way To Lift Oneself Up
Is By Helping To Lift Someone Else."

"Injustice Anywhere,
Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere."

"No Legacy Is So Rich As Honesty."

"Do Noble Things,
Don't Just Dream Them."

"A Man's Wealth
Is The Good He Does In The World."

"Keep Your Eyes On The Stars,
And Your Feet On The Ground."

"Laughter Is The Music Of The World."

"Great People Are Those Who Make Others Feel
That They Too Can Become Great."

"A Man Should Never Be Ashamed
To Own That He Was In The Wrong,
Which Is But Saying That He Is
Wiser Today Than He Was Yesterday."

"Common Sense Is Not So Common."

"There Is But One Success
To Be Able To Spend Your Life
In Your Own Way."

"Honesty Is The First Chapter
In The Book Of Wisdom."

"Equals Make The Best Friends."

"If You Don't Stand For Something,
You Will Fall For Anything."

"Truth Is The Most Valuable Thing We Have."

"You Cannot Create Experience,
You Undergo It."

"Admire Those Who Attempt Great Things,
Even If They Fail."

"The Wise Will Always Reflect On The Quality,
Not The Quantity Of Life."

"In The Game Of Life,
It's The Rebounds That Make The Difference."

"Conviction Is Worthless
Unless It Is Converted Into Conduct."

"Life Is A Long Lesson In Humility."

"Challenges Can Be Stepping Stones
Or Stumbling Blocks,
It's All In Your Perspective."

"What Wisdom Can You Find
That Is Greater Than Kindness."

"To Conquer Fear Is The Beginning Of Wisdom."

"Many People Will Walk In And Out Of Your Life,
But Only True Friends
Will Leave Footprints In Your Heart."

"To Handle Yourself, Use Your Head,
To Handle Others, Use Your Heart."

"Anger Is Only One Letter Short Of Danger."

"If Someone Betrays You Once,
It's His Fault.
If He Betrays You Twice,
It's Your Fault."

"Great Minds Discuss Ideas;
Average Minds Discuss Events;
Small Minds Discuss People."

"God Gives Every Bird It's Food,
But He Does Not Throw It Into It's Nest."

"He Who Loses Money, Loses Much;
He Who Loses A Friend, Loses More;
He Who Loses Faith, Loses All."

"Beautiful Young People
Are Acts Of Nature;
Beautiful Old People
Are Works Of Art."

"Learn From The Mistakes Of Others.
You Can't Live Long Enough
To Make Them All Yourself."

"The Tongue Weighs Practically Nothing,
But So Few People Can Hold It."