Can The Elite be Stopped?

"YES!, they can be stopped. But only if everyone works very hard at the solutions, for nothing happens on its own, and apathy is NOT the answer.

However, violent efforts are inappropriate because:

(1) It is wrong to break our laws.

(2) Many innocent people will be killed or wounded and their property destroyed.

(3) The Elite control our courts, the Pentagon, the U.N., NATO, N.S.A., C.I.A., F.B.I., B.A.T.F., our Senate and House of Representatives, and directly or indirectly control all local law enforcement agencies.

All efforts to stop the Elite must be legal, such as:

1. Everyone must go to the poles in each election, and vote for their independent party candidates of choice.

2. No Independent party has enough money to defeat the Republicans and Democrats. Therefore, we must organize a Third Party Convention to be held soon enough before the 2000 presidential elections to allow for full participation of all third parties.

3. Two months before the first Republican or Democrat Convention, each third party should offer their best candidate for President. One month should be spent by these candidates presenting their case to the public. The next month should provide a Third Party Convention and debate between all candidates who seek the office of president. All of these candidates names should then appear on the ballot at the primary elections held by the Democrats and Republicans. The top three candidates should then spend a month telling the people why they should be the party candidate. A run-off election should then be held with the top vote receiver becoming the party candidate for president and the second highest the candidate for vice president, with their names placed on the general election ballots in November of 2000.

4. The candidates for president that did not win should immediately file for either a Senate of Congressional race that they are eligible to participate in.

5. There should be an Independent Party candidate for every state and federal election position.

6. Once the independents have gained control of our state and federal governments, perhaps that is the time to eliminate the party system completely.

7. Every state that does not now have the right should petition their state for Initiative, Referendum and Recall rights.

8. Once each state has Initiative, Referendum and Recall rights, then petitions should be presented to demand the following:

A. Every candidate for public office should run on their own efforts and merits, with financing only from individuals who have resided for at least 5 years in the district or area that they propose to represent. Violation of the new campaign financing proposal should be a felony with stiff monetary fines and jail time for the convicted offenders.

B. All elections must be reduced to two months for the primary and one month for the general elections, and all voting must be on a Saturday and Sunday.

C. All votes should be on paper ballots and should be counted by precinct Citizens Oversight Committees. The last place on each list of candidates on the ballots must be "NONE OF THE ABOVE", and if this is selected by a majority of the voters, a new slate of candidates must be submitted for vote, until one candidate receives 50% + one vote of all the votes cast.

D. The Electoral College must be eliminated entirely with the President and Vice President elected by popular vote only.

E. All this should be accomplished by a Constitutional Amendment approved by both houses of Congress and ratified by 38 states.

F. Constitutional Amendments should not be done by a Constitutional Convention, because the Elite would take charge and our Constitution would be eliminated, or changed so drastically that it would be unrecognizable.

G. State and federal laws should be passed prohibiting anyone from being appointed, elected or otherwise employed in any public office or position that has been a member of any secret organization for the previous five years, including the Flu Klux Klan, Black Panthers, Islamic Jihad, Red Brigade, Bilderbergs, Bohemian Club, Council on Foreign Relations, and/or Trilateral Commission. These laws should exclude the typical "grandfather" clauses, so that once these laws are passed, anyone who meets this definition must resign immediately. If anyone wanted to belong to these groups and hold public office, then these organizations must change their rules so that every meeting, including board of director's meetings, must be opened up to attendance by the public and the press, with two weeks advance notice published in the local press stating the date, time, and place of all meetings, along with the agendas of all meetings.

H. The Federal Reserve Act must be repealed, and the exclusive right to create money and credit must be restored to the US Treasury Department, as stipulated in the US Constitution.

I. The present practice of "fractional reserve" banking requiring only 10% reserves for banks to make loans. Within a one year period, this rate must be raised to 100% reserves. Without this change, banks would continue to have the ability to create money and credit, which should be exclusively reserved for the Treasury Department.

J. The US national debt should be completely eliminated by a one-time exchange of non-interest bearing Treasury Notes for all of the outstanding interest bearing Treasury Bonds.

K. The Treasury Department should be designated as the sole lender to all states, counties and municipalities for capital projects that are now financed by municipal bonds, and the like. The rate charged for these loans should be fixed by law at 3%.

L. The Treasury Department should offer loans to banks at the fixed rate of 3% on the condition that they must not add more than 5% of true annual interest to the loans to any borrower of these funds. Violation of this requirement must be a felony with stiff monetary fines and jail time penalties for violating this provision, with the fines and jail time being given to the chief executive officer of the erring bank. Both houses of Congress should be allowed to change this interest rate if 80% of those "eligible" to vote on the change, vote in the affirmative. Any changes to this rate must only be in effect for 365 days, when it would automatically revert to 3% again.

M. Inflation should not be controlled by varying interest rates, but by varying the supply of money and credit.

N. The Internal Revenue Act should be revoked because it is severely regressive, is extremely complicated, and all federal taxes be raised by No. 10 envelope size tax return which addresses all income and the sale of all property. The tax rates should be progressive with anyone who is legally eligible to receives welfare should be exempt, and the progressive rate start at 2% and rise to 40% for the highest income levels. All property sold should be taxed at a progressive rate based on the length of time that it is held, with less than six months charged a rate of 33%, and over seven years a rate of 0%.

O. Every law passed by Congress must first pass the test of the Constitution. If the proposed bill is not specifically allowed by the Constitution, it becomes null and void. If it is sufficiently important, amend the Constitution.

P. Every bill submitted for approval by both houses of Congress must be single issue bills and must not contain any amendments that are not clearly and specifically related to the proposed bill.

Q. All bills proposed that require increases or decreases in taxes or other revenue streams must be approved by at least 80% of all those eligible to vote on the bill in both houses of Congress.

This is just a start on needed changes, but if enacted, we will again have government by and for the people.