Who "Really" Controls C-SPAN?

by Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr. Author of Who's Who of the Elite

Almost every caller to C-SPAN, during the call-in segments of their American Journal, starts their conversation on the air with a statement of great praise of both Bryan Lamb and C -SPAN. A typical statement is "Bryan, your program is one of the very few media sources where we, the public, can learn the real truth." On the surface, compared to other media surfaces, this is indeed fact. However, there is a disturbing trend in progress at C-SPAN.

Bryan is systematically restricting callers eligibility to talk to him, his other hosts, or his guests, and is tightening the screws on the subjects that he will allow.

He had instituted a three line process for callers to use during the 1996 political campaign season, with one line for Democrats, another for Republicans, and one for Other. When he did this, he stated on several occasions that once the campaigns were over, the former open line format would return, which provided a line for the Eastern US and another for the West. In reality, there were, and are, mostly Democrats and Republicans who call in, or the "Others" are largely ignored. Now that the "Others" are confined to a single line, it becomes much easier to 'NOT" answer that line, and hope that the "Others" will not cheat and call in on one of the other lines.

(After many complaints from viewers, Bryan changed this listing to "Conservative", "Moderate", and "Liberal".)

C-SPAN's policy is to ask callers to not call in more than one time during a 30 day period in order to allow others to get through, which is a fair policy. Some callers ignore this policy and call in much more often. When Bryan, or his other hosts, recognizes a voice as someone who violates this rule, he/they disconnects them with a statement such as "Caller, you have violated our 30-day rule, so I'm cutting you off." This is not an unreasonable act on Bryan's part, because millions of Americans would like to call in as often as possible. Frequent calls by one individual would preclude new or infrequent callers from getting through. Nothing wrong here.

More recently, Bryan has set a new rule restricting calls more often to only first-time callers. This is not a full-time requirement, but is instituted on a much more frequent basis. In these cases, if the caller says that they are not a first-time caller, they are immediately cut off.

The most restrictive and disturbing policy that Bryan insists on is that all callers must read, or quote from an article from a newspaper. In most cases, if they do not do so, Bryan and his other hosts cuts them off. To the uninformed, this seems like a reasonable policy. However, the informed know that all the major television networks, newspapers and news magazines are owned and/or very tightly controlled by the Elite. A careful study of Who's Who of the Elite will reveal, without question, that this is fact.

(In this context, the term Elite is defined as anyone who is now, or who has ever been, a member of the Bilderbergs, Council on Foreign Relations, or Trilateral Commission.)

These Elite-controlled news media do not report the truth, so why does Bryan insist on them as the only, or dominant source of a subject to be discuss on C-SPAN? Further proof of this is in the words of the executives of the mainstream media:

"We don't print the truth. We don't pretend to print the truth. We print what people tell us. It's up to the public to decide what's the truth". - Bill Bradley, while Executive Editor of the Washington Post.

"Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have". - Richard Salant, former president of CBS News.

"The 'balanced' report, in some cases, may no longer be the most effective. Can we afford to wait for our audience to come to its own conclusions? I think not." - Tena Ryan, senior producer at the Turner Broadcasting System.

A number of callers in the past have asked Bryan's guests if they are members of the Council on Foreign Relations. The typical response is "Yes, I'm a member of the CFR, but not an active participant." (According to CFR's very strict By-Laws, the guests are prohibited from saying more than this.) Why does Bryan not follow-up the callers question by delving into this subject with his guest?

People have written several letters, sent many faxes and E-mail messages to Bryan asking him to confront the issue of conspiracy. If C-SPAN's guests were members of the Klu Klux Klan, Islamic Jihad, Black Panthers, Red Brigade, of a Neo-Nazi group, Bryan would make a point of apprising the viewers of this fact.

Why are members of the Elite different from these other radical groups? He always discusses his guest's brief biography, so why not discuss his guest's affiliations with the ELITE, so that the viewers could exercise better judgment in interpreting the guest's statements. The viewers would certainly be skeptical of all statements made by a member of the Klu Klux Klan, so why should they not have the same concerns about statements made by Elite guests?

These Elite organizations have taken-over all the decision-making positions within our Federal government, and have done so with ever-increasing intensity over the past 25 years. They have infiltrated over 80 positions within the State Department (including the Secretary), over 60 positions in the Defense Department (including the Secretary), over 50 in the Executive offices of the President (including the President), over 30 in the House of Representatives (including the Speaker), over 20 (or 1/5th) of the Senate, over 15 members in the United Nations (including the UN Ambassador), at least 10 in the Treasury Department (including the Secretary), 6 in the Commerce Department (including the Secretary), one third of the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, and on and on.

If this is not systematic infiltration, I don't know what is!

Every Monday morning, from December 5, 1996 to Feb. 17, '97, I faxed the following message to Bryan hoping that he will read it to his guests, but to date without success. (I finally stopped sending these faxes because they cost money and produced no results.) FAX: C-SPAN December 5, 1996 (UPDATE Feb. 17, '97)

"LIKEWISE" Bryan.As the result of several callers asking about the subject of "conspiracy", and my several attempts to get you to cover this subject, a month or so ago you said that "perhaps it is time to cover this subject."

I'm convinced that the voter turnout dropped in this past election because of the disgust that millions of Americans have for the absolute control by the "ELITE" over our country. I define "ELITE" as anyone who is now, or has ever been a member of the Bilderbergs (BB), Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), or Trilateral Commission (TC). Perhaps your reluctance to cover this subject prior to the election parallels Kenneth Starr's reluctance to file charges against Bill Clinton (BB, CFR, TC) and/or Hillary Clinton (BB) in order not to seriously effect the election. I think that you both will have your decisions haunt you as we struggle through the next four years.

Bryan, I would like to make a wager with you. The wager is:

1. The next Secretary of State will be a member of the Elite. Confirmed - Former UN Ambassador Madeline Albright (CFR)

2. The next Secretary of Defense will be a member of the Elite.
Confirmed - Former Senator William Cohen (CFR, TC)

3. The next U.N. Ambassador will be a member of the Elite.
Confirmed - Former N.M. Congressman Bill Richardson (CFR)

4. The next Director of Central Intelligence will be a member of the Elite.
Nominated - Former Nat. Security Advisor Antony (Tony) Lake (CFR)

Deputy NSA, Samuel Berger (CFR) as next National Security Advisor

Continuing: (but not part of the wager)
Robert Rubin (BB, CFR), Treasury Secretary
Donna Shalala (CFR, TC), H.H.S. Secretary
Bruce Babbitt (CFR, TC), Interior Secretary
Newt Gingrich (CFR), elected for 2nd term as
Speaker of the House.

New Bet: That the late Ambassador Pamela Harriman (CFR), will be replaced by an Elite.

If I am wrong on all of the above (not just one), I will buy you and each of your anchors a cup of coffee, or your/their drink of choice.

If I am correct in all of the above (not just one), You will agree to have five consecutive days of the Washington Journal to include only experts on the GRAND CONSPIRACY. I can furnish you a list of these experts that are NOT "KOOKS".

In addition to the above wager, I will further predict that Chief Justice Rehnquist will resign within the next two years, and a member of the Elite will become the next Chief Justice, and that the next appointee to join this court will be a member of the Elite.

In addition, Justice Paul Stevens will retire within the next two years and he will also be replaced by a member of the Elite, giving the Elite 55% control over the highest court in this nation. This is not a part of my above wager because it could take too long for this to happen (but at least within two years).

Bryan, does any of this concern you YET? Best regards. Gayle Ross

I have checked out the officers and directors of C-SPAN in Who's Who of the Elite, and none are members of any of these Elite organizations.
Therefore, who is pulling Bryan's strings? If he is indeed the provider of the "real truth", as most of his viewers claim, why does he avoid the very important subject of the Elite, and the general subject of the GRAND CONSPIRACY?

Bryan's defense, when questioned about many of his more recent restrictions, is that "C-SPAN is a private corporation, and can therefore do as it pleases. If the viewers don't like my decisions, they can simply exercise their options and change channels, or turn their sets off."

Bryan's impatience with his callers is growing as more and more press for the "real truth" about the Elite.

I may have the answer to these questions. Could Bryan's refusal to discuss, or let his callers discuss the Elite and their grand conspiracy be the result of simple blackmail?

Let me offer a "hypothetical discussion" between Katherine Graham (BB, CFR, TC), Mortimer Zuckerman (BB, CFR) and/or David Rockefeller (BB, CFR, TC) and Bryan Lamb, which "might" have gone something like this:

"Bryan, if you want to remain on the air as C-SPAN, then you must find ways to avoid discussing the Elite in any way. Some in the general public are on-to-us and are becoming bolder in their efforts to expose our cabal. You will remember that we systematically had our cable carriers restrict your on-air time, run your network at very late hours and then remove first C-SPAN2 and then C-SPAN from their programming, and in general put the squeeze on your efforts. We will shut you down completely if you don't find ways to avoid discussions on the air about our Elite members and our efforts to completely dominate the entire world, often referred to as the New World Order or Global Union."

Again, this is a "hypothetical discussion", but it may be closer to the truth than Bryan will willingly discuss and/or admit.

If you are concerned, as I am, about C-SPAN's ever-tightening practices, perhaps Bryan should hear from you as well on this subject. Come on Bryan, if you are going to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about our federal government, then you must include the Shadow Government, as well.

Gayle Ross Author/Publisher