What will happen between the years 1997 and 2000?

.1.Since Clinton won the 1996 election for president (with just 24% of the eligible votes, and 31.9% of the registered voters), you can expect rapid and numerous changes from 1997 to 2000. By law, he cannot run for the office of president again, so he will not check with focus groups or news media polls to decide what to do to be re-elected again.

This means that the Elite will be counting on him to accomplish their goals and objectives during his lame-duck term. Most of the appointed positions in the 1997 administration will be filled by the Elite.

They do not need to spend their money to lobby our public officials, because they own them, LOCK, STOCK and BARREL.

2. N.A.F.T.A. will be rapidly expanded. Chile will be the next nation included, then Argentina, then Brazil, and then the rest will join in rapid succession, because their goal is to create the AMERICAN UNION by the year 2005, and much is to be done in order to reach this goal. During the second week of October, 1997, Clinton toured South American countries preparing them for the Union of the Americas, or American Union.

3. Starting in late-'97, thousands of unsafe Mexican trucks, with triple trailers, and with Mexican drivers will flood over the border and travel all over the U.S. and Canada, as stipulated in N.A.F.T.A. This is how the Elite transport their illegal drugs into this country, and they must drug the citizens into submission in order to take control.

The Elite owned banks, such as Chase, Citibank, Morgan Guarantee Trust, American Express, and others launder their drug money through their branches in Mexico, so expect the flow of drugs and laundered money to greatly increase. Billions of dollars will be spent on enlarged NAFTA highways between Mexico and Canada. As these trucks roar across the border, few will be stopped and inspected, so massive amounts of illegal drugs will freely fan out over the United States.

4. The C.I.A., F.B.I. and B.A.T.F. will stage numerous bombings and public threats in order to give the president the excuse to declare Marshall Law, and to outlaw private ownership of personal firearms. They will have great difficulty taking over completely as long as the citizens are so well armed. Clinton and past presidents have signed Executive Orders instructing F.E.M.A. to take over absolute control of every critical function in this nation. The president has exclusive authority to declare Marshall Law under severe economic conditions or critical national security reasons.

The killer is that the president is the only one authorized to make this determination, and when it happens, we will be immediately under control of a Dictatorship rather than a Constitutional Republic. One very probable severe economic condition that could trigger Marshall Law is very likely be another Federal Reserve System imposed depression, exactly just as they did in the 1929 crash.

5. The de-industrialization of the United States will accelerate, which will cause jobs to be scarce, incomes to drop, more homeless people on the streets and on welfare, and crime to grow rapidly, because the unemployed people will do whatever is necessary to survive.

6. Illegal and legal immigration will climb to new heights. The purpose is to increase the demand for jobs as the number of jobs available decline rapidly due to deindustrialization. The purpose is to completely eliminate the middle-class in the U.S. The Elite of the Soviet Union could not install communism in their union 70 years ago as long as there was a middle class. The answer was that Joseph Stalin murdered 28 millions of the middle-class citizens in the USSR, with the resulting creation of a two-class system, the Elite and the peasants. We are headed for the same results in this country without the Elite having to fire a single shot.

7. Sometime between December 1997 and May 1998 there will be wholesale speculation in currencies worldwide, primarily European Union nations, by international speculators such as George Soros. Soros almost destroyed Malaysia's economy recently by massive currency speculation. The European Union was originally scheduled to implement a single currency in 1999, but plans were changed to do so around May, 1998. This speculation will disrupt normal government operations and will very likely lead to a worldwide depression.

8. There is a steady movement to require all those on welfare to get a job within the next two years, or lose all benefits. This will cause riots, and social unrest will increase rapidly during the next four years due to the above, which is just what the Elite want to happen, so that they can be justified in the outlawing of personal firearms, and the unrest will be one of the excuses used to declare Marshall Law. The end result will be a US Dictatorship. Will our new Dictator be Bill Clinton or Al Gore? Not likely. The best bet is that they will be forced from office, and possibly indited on a number of charges. So, does Newt Gingrich move into the White House? Possibly, unless he is also indited, as well. Madeline Albright cannot move up because she is not a natural born citizen of the US. But if Newt is disqualified, it could be someone like Jay Rockefeller!!!! Stay tuned.

Nelson A. Rockefeller almost made it by devious means, when the Elite manipulated Congress to change the order of succession by passing the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution. Fate took his life before he made it into the White House. Is it now Jay's turn to make his play for the office of DICTATOR???? And, reporting directly to the Czar of the Global Union, David Rockefeller!!!!!