Alarming Statement from Janet Reno

Regardless of your religious affiliation-this is what your governmental leaders think of you.
"A cultist is one who has a strong belief in the Bible and the Second Coming of Christ;

Who frequently attends Bible studies;

Who has a high level of financial giving to a Christian cause;

Who homeschools for their children;

Who has accumulated survival foods and has strong belief in the Second Amendment;

And who distrusts big government.

Any of these may qualify a person as a cultist but certainly more than one of these would cause us to look at this person as a threat and his family as being in a risk situation that qualified for government interference."

Janet Reno, Attny. General, USA
Interview on 60 Minutes
June 26, 1994

Do you qualify?

Are you (as defined by the US Attorney General) a threat?

This concerns me. Does it bother you?

Everyone in this country - "The land of the free" - with computer access should copy this and send to every other man, woman and child who can read.