Why Should We Care?

Even though these Elite organizations go to a lot of effort and expense to remain secret, the word seems to get out anyway. There have been dozens of very good books written since the beginning of this century on this subject, but they remain rather obscure, because the Elite conspire to suppress them.

The BB's are the most secretive of the three. When the BB's meet, they clear out all people in the buildings where they are to meet, they completely de-bug all the rooms, bring in their own cooks, waiters, housekeepers, heavily armed security guards, etc., and they do not allow outsiders anywhere near the meeting place just before, during, and immediately after they meet. These very powerful people do not meet to discuss the latest recipe for blueberry pancakes, or the melting rate of snow at the South Pole.

When they meet, they more than likely discuss and decide:


They decide when wars should start, how long they should last, when they should end, who will and will not participate, the changes in boundaries of countries resulting from the outcome of these wars, who will lend the money to support the war efforts, and who will lend the money to rebuild the countries after they have been destroyed by war.


They own the central banks, such as the Federal Reserve System in the US, and similar organizations in all major countries throughout the world, and therefore are in a position to determine discount rates, prime rates, money supply levels, the prices of gold and other precious metals, and very tightly control who and/or what countries should receive loans (guaranteed by the taxpayers of the respective countries).


They decide who will be allowed to run for the offices of President, Prime Minister, Chancellor, Governor General, or other names applied to the leaders of all major countries around the world.

Stocks, Bonds, & Commodities

Since the Elite own the major banks and the Central banks, they know exactly what interest rates and money supply levels will be, so it is very likely that they regularly run these exchanges up and down to their financial gain.

News and other information

They directly or indirectly own all the major news media, and can therefore tell the public exactly what they want them to hear, and deny the public the information they do not want them to see, hear or read.

Wages and salaries

They directly or indirectly own all the major banks, businesses, industries, and the like, and therefore can suppress wages and salaries by either shipping the production jobs to the cheapest labor rates around the world, by importing the technical specialists from the cheapest countries around the world, and by employing mostly temporary and/or part time workers in their home countries. The labor unions do not resist such efforts, because the labor leaders are members of the Elite as well.

I don't know about you, but these above activities seriously concern me, because my children and grandchildren will suffer many times greater than we do today under the control of these EVIL TYRANTS (I have tried to find worse terms for them, but this is the best that I can think of to describe them).

The writers of our Constitution took great care in drafting this fine document so as to protect us from Elite domination. We are again being conquered by the Elite in ever increasing ways and I, for one, have had enough. And the people in this country had better WAKE UP before it's to late! It's time to turn on some lights!