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OK...So you want one of those cool looking email sigs but don't want to be bothered with signing up for a website and then filling in all those inputs for the transloader! And since your paying the big bucks to use that little black box and so many free website providers are putting a stop to linking to your images...why not use your scrapbook images for your email sig!

Ok then...here's what you do.

Step 1. Using the scrapbook uploader at www.transloader.com ...get all your images you want to use into your scrapbook.

Step 2. Add all the images you want use in your email sig on a page using PageBuilder and publish the page.

Step 3. Click on your new webpage to make sure all your images are there and then press your "Goto" then "Show Last" and then copy the address of your PageBuilder webpage using "CMD-C" making sure you hear the click that confirms your address was copied to your memory.

Step 4. Now take your Pagebuilder address to the Domania Source Viewer and erase "hidden" and paste your address using "CMD-V" into the input field at the bottom, then check "all links" and then click on "submit it".

Step 5. On the next page you will see the codes of your Pagebuilder webpage in a textarea and below that you will see links of your images which you can click on to see them show up on a black background. Copy all those codes which you can now use in your email.

Step 6. Lastly...When you go to paste your image codes in your signature box make sure you erase the -2 in the address or the images won't show up in your email.

If you need to know how to arange your images in your email read through my Signature101 tutorial for tips how to do that.

Ok Then...Have A Nice Day! & Happy Emailing!