WebGizmos WebTV Cache Graphics <center> <font color="#FFFFFF"> <img src="FRITZ.gif" height="61" width="266" alt="The_Fritz"> <br> If you can see this you have "The WebTv Fritz"! <br> The Fritz is a webtv bug that disables <br> javascripts which are used on these pages! <br> You need to reload the page to use this site! <br> Hold down "CMD" & "R" for several seconds! </font> </center>



The Images On This Page Exist In Your WebTv Cache And Can Be
Accessed by typing in the code as you see it below each image!
If Any Images Do Not Show Up On This Page,
You Have The "WebTV Fritz."
Press & Hold Down "CMD" And Press R For Several Seconds!

Here Are Alternate Buttons Available To WebTv. The First 12 Are For Both Classic & Plus, #14 Is For Plus Only. Classic's Will See #14 As A Silver Button.
To Learn How To Use The Buttons Below Visit My Buttons101 Tutorial And Get The Complete Codes.


Plus Only

The next 2 buttons are examples using RED & GREEN LED INDICATORS and can be used with any of the codes above and can be set to ON or OFF..

Indicator On

Indicator Off

The Webtv Images Below Are Both Old & New.

~ 2 3 4 5 ~ ~ 7 8 9 10 ~


Dialing ~ Dialing2 ~ TvSwitch