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Welcome New Webtvers

This page is for those of you who would like to add a background color or image...change the color of your text...and add one of those cool Flamingtext images...and start to learn how to have one of those cool signature designs you see on everyone elses emails but have no idea what html is.
Below you will see all the basics....exactly as they should appear in your signature box. All you have to do is follow all the steps below and you'll be on your way to understanding how it all works.

Tripod DOES NOT allow remote linking to images so images on this site MUST be transloaded to your own site files in order to be used.


To Learn How You Can Use PageBuilder & Scrapbook
To Link To Your Email Images Vsit


Step 1
Opening HTML Code

The first thing you type in is your "opening" HTML code...this MUST be the very first thing in your signature box as seen below...There should be NO spaces in front of this code or your signature will not work.

Step 2

This part of the code is your opening BODY BGCOLOR code will determine the color of your background...in the code seen below the background or BGCOLOR is black...

Step 3
Adding A Background

If you want a background image instead of a color you will type BODY BACKGROUND instead of BODY BGCOLOR...when adding this type of code you must make sure that the code is not broken anywhere or it will not work...generally you will be adding this type of code using Copy & Paste and your code should be intact...

Step 4
Adding Text Color

Here you will add your TEXT color code which will be inside your BODY code...your text color should be readable to the person your sending your email to so make sure you can read it by sending yourself an email first...the color code below is STEELBLUE...and these colors can be changed to whatever you want...at the bottom of this page is a link to a color cube where you can pick out a color for your BGCOLOR or TEXT...

Step 5
Adding An Image

In this code called IMG SRC...the image will be centered on your email using and opening and closing CENTER code...when adding long image codes to your email you should NOT use your return key to move to the next line...let the code your writing rap around by itself or you will create a break in the code...

Step 6
Aligning Your Image

If you want your image to be on the right or left side of your email you will use the ALIGN code inside your IMG SRC code...in the code below it is aligned on the right...and in this case you do not need the opening and closing CENTER code...

Step 7
Adding 2 Images Side By Side

To add 2 images next to each other you will use the CENTER code and 2 IMG SRC codes as seen below...

Step 8
Spacing 2 Images Side By Side

To add 2 images next to each other but spaced apart you will use the CENTER code...ALIGN code and 2 IMG SRC codes as seen below...

Step 9
2 Images Above & Below

To have 2 images centered but one on top of the other you will use the CENTER code and a BREAK code which is simply <BR>...and the distance between the 2 images is determined by how many BREAK codes you use...

Step 10
Closing BODY & HTML

This is the last part of your code which closes it all up...here you type in your closing BODY and HTML codes...

Ok Webtvers...follow the steps above and you will be able to customize your email to whatever you want...and to change the color of your BGCOLOR or TEXT just visit my ColorCube and pick out a color.