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How Do I transload To My Homepage?

1) First you must go to Transloader.com and save it in a "Favorites Folder".

2) Once you have saved the transloader in your favorites folder, you must asign an F-Key to the transloader by doing this;

(A) Click on the folder in which you saved the transloader.

(B) Once your folder opens up, click on "organize".

(C) Then click on "shortcuts".

(D) Then click on the button next to the file you want to assign to an F-Key.

(E) Then click on an F-Key number you want to assign the file to, then scroll down and click on done.

Now you have programed your F-Key, wasn't that easy?
Yea man, I'm getting good at this!

Now, test what you have done so far by clicking on the F-Key you programed at the top left of your keyboard to see if it takes you to the transloader. If it does, GREAT, your almost on your way to transloading. If it doesn't, go back over the steps above.

Ok, assuming your F-Key is now working, you will need to enter some information at the transloader site. This you will do once you've decided on an image (which could be an animated gif, jpg, midi, or anything your site allows) that you want to upload to your site.

Ok, I've found an Image, Now what do I do!?

In order to transload an image to your site you must;

(1) First click on the image.

(2) It must be visible by itself on the center of your screen with a black background.

(3) Once it is on your screen, press your "Goto" button... then "Show Last" to get the url address of the image... when you see the address press "CMD-A" to highlight the address then "CMD-C" to copy it.

(4) Now press your asigned F-Key for the transloader.

Now you will now be taken to the transloader along with the image you've chosen.

Instructions For Transloader.com

1) The "URL" input;


This is where the actual address of the image, midi, or page you wish to transload should be entered. If you are using the transloader on my site and have it programed into an Fkey the "URL" will appear automatically. If you are using the transloader on the transload.com site you will have to copy & paste the address in manually.



2) The "FTP Host" input;

FTP Host

This is where you will enter the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for the website you are transloading to. Below are several examples of what these are.

Talkcity ~> home.talkcity.com

Tripod ~> ftp.tripod.com

Geocities ~> ftp.geocities.com

Angelfire ~> ftp.angelfire.com

If your website host name does not appear above you can write to the support service for your site. You should also be able to find this information somewhere on your site.



3) The "Username" input;


This is where you will enter the name you used when you signed up for your website.



4) The "Password" input;


This is where you will enter the password you used when you signed up for your website.



5) The "Subdirectory" input;


This is where you will enter the name of a specific subdirectory (which you create in your website files) you wish to transload your image, midi, or page to. For example, if you have a subdirectory you named gif, jpg, or midi, you would enter /gif, /jpg, or /midi. Then after entering your subdirectory name whatever it is your transloading will be sent directly into that directory.



6) The "Rename" input;


This is where you can rename the image, midi, or page your transloading to whatever want. NOTE: You must be careful when doing this because you may already have something in your files under the same name. If you have an image in your files named something like "coolback.gif" and are transloading a different image to your files and should happen to name it the same thing the previous image will be over-written (erased) and replaced with the new image. Once that is done you cannot retrieve the previous image. The same is true if you should happen to have a webpage you worked hard on and send something to your files under the same name...all your hard work will be lost.



6) The "Transload"&"Clear Entry" buttons;


This is where you start the actual transload process or reset your information. NOTE: Pressing the "Clear Entry" button will erase all the information you entered including the "URL" of the image.



8) The "Scrapbook" Uploader;

To use the "scrapbook" Uploader you only need to click on "Scrapbook Uploader" (your "URL" will be entered automatically if your using the scrapbook uploader on my site) and your image will be added to your scrapbook. If your using the scrapbook uploader on the transloader.com site you will need to copy & paste the address in manually.



Now that I'm a transloading pro, where to I find some images?

If you need backgrounds, animated gifs, buttons, divider lines, midis, or just about anything else for your email or homepages, follow any of the links below.

Backgrounds ~ Gifs ~ Hippie Gifs ~ Bars ~ WebTv Graphics